Refrigerated Air-Conditioning, Bendigo

Refrigerated air-conditioning is a popular choice thanks to its guaranteed effectiveness. If you follow the principles of closed-system cooling, by keeping doors and windows shut, you will enjoy the benefits of refrigerated air-conditioning on the hottest of days. Charltons in Bendigo provides all the services you could possibly need for new and existing refrigerated air-conditioning systems.

We will happily install a new system in your home, including central cooling for the whole house or wall units to cool individual rooms or zones. This type of system draws on hot air inside, sucks it out of the room, cools the air by passing it through its refrigerated system and then recycles it back through the room. This system works well in all environments but is particularly suited to areas that experience extreme heat or humidity. Refrigerated air-conditioning can best be described as a closed system producing cool, dry air.

Charltons’ air-conditioning experts also provide servicing, repairs and maintenance for┬ámost major brands of refrigerated air-conditioners.

Victorian summers can be hot and harsh and air-conditioners get a good work out for at least a quarter of the year. It’s important you schedule servicing to care for your system and prevent breakdowns. If your system does stop working we can provide repairs and maintenance for most systems, with the ability to source spare parts for most major brands. If you’re unsure, simply give us a call.

We also install, service, repair and maintain evaporative cooling for Bendigo clients.