Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning, Bendigo

Reverse cycle air-conditioning systems, also referred to as ‘split-system’ coolers, offer exceptional cooling and heating. These units are among the most versatile due to their ability to expel cool or warm air – they are an air-conditioner and heater in one.

Charltons in Bendigo provides installation for new reverse cycle air-conditioning systems and will advise on the size and model of split-system cooler to best suit your needs. Much like refrigerated air-conditioners, reverse cycle systems work best when doors and windows are closed, to keep the cool air inside where it is recycled through the system.

A split-system unit is among the more costly options to run, but highly effective and convenient. If you need heating and cooling installed then this type of air conditioner can help cut the cost of having separate heating and cooling units installed, as you are only paying for one lot of installation on a unit that does two things.

Bendigo experiences the full range of seasons with cold winters and hot summers. A reverse system caters for your needs year-round.

Hard-working reverse cycle air conditioners should be serviced to maintain their effectiveness and Charltons provides general maintenance and repairs. As a major heating and cooling company, we have access to spare parts for most major brands of appliances.

Please contact us for advice about the right unit to suit your needs. Charltons also specialises in refrigerated air-conditioning for Bendigo customers.