Evaporative Cooling, Bendigo

Evaporative cooling is a terrific option for households on a stricter budget and for locations where high humidity is usually not an issue. Bendigo doesn’t experience humidity like the north does and as such evaporative cooling is a viable option.

Evaporative systems are not closed like refrigerated systems and draw on hot air from outside, cooling it with the use of water and expelling a light yet cooling vapour. If other cooling systems leave you feeling dry and irritated, then evaporative cooling could be for you. The air remains moist and is not recycled within the room, but constantly produced as fresh vapour air from outside.

Generally speaking these systems are cheaper to run because they use water to cool the air and less electricity than refrigerated, closed systems.

Charltons in Bendigo offers installation, servicing, maintenance and repairs for most evaporative systems. We can install these systems so they have a permanent, fixed duct to outside, meaning you don’t need to leave a window open with the duct sitting out the window while in use, like DIY or portable evaporative units.

Routine maintenance will help keep your system working optimally throughout the hot summer months and we can replace spare parts for most major brands when repairs are required.

We also provide an installation, repairs and maintenance service for reverse-cycle air-conditioners in Bendigo homes and businesses.