Appliance Services, Bendigo

Heating, cooling, kitchen and laundry

Charltons Air Conditioning & Central Heating specialises in the installation, repair, service and maintenance of air-conditioners. We also service and repair ducted gas heating systems, and kitchen and laundry appliances such as rangehoods, electric ovens and stovetops. Our appliance services are available for most major brands and we can also access spare parts to complete repairs. If your appliance is under warranty you might like to check brands we are warranty agents for in Bendigo.

Refrigerated Air-conditioning

Refrigerated air-conditioning is a popular choice thanks to its guaranteed effectiveness. If you follow the principles of closed-system cooling, by keeping doors and windows shut, you will enjoy the benefits of refrigerated air-conditioning on the hottest of days. Charltons in Bendigo provides all the services you could possibly need for new and existing refrigerated air-conditioning...

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Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a terrific option for households on a stricter budget and for locations where high humidity is usually not an issue. Bendigo doesn’t experience humidity like the north does and as such evaporative cooling is a viable option. Evaporative systems are not closed like refrigerated systems and draw on hot air from outside,...

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Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning

Reverse cycle air-conditioning systems, also referred to as ‘split-system’ coolers, offer exceptional cooling and heating. These units are among the most versatile due to their ability to expel cool or warm air – they are an air-conditioner and heater in one. Charltons in Bendigo provides installation for new reverse cycle air-conditioning systems and will advise...

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Washing Machine Parts

If you’ve ever had a washing machine go kaput then you know the all-too-frustrating feeling of finding an alternative to clean your clothes while it gets fixed. Charltons has all the washing machine parts you could possibly need in Bendigo, to get your essential household appliance back to working condition. As a major provider of appliance services...

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Ducted Heating

Is there anything better than closing up all the doors and windows and enjoying the cosy feeling of warm air moving through every room? Most people who have experienced ducted heating simply couldn’t live without it! This type of system is often referred to as ‘central heating’ and Charltons is happy to keep Bendigo customers warm with...

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Electric Ovens & Stoves

If you think there might be a problem with your electric oven or stovetop, don’t hesitate to call for maintenance and repairs. Charltons in Bendigo is your local appliance specialist, with a team on hand to provide maintenance and repairs for most appliances, including electric ovens and stoves. We know that a little maintenance from...

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We think rangehoods are underestimated kitchen heroes. Most people don’t realise how much they rely on their kitchen rangehood until it stops working. You go to cook some meat or fish and the smell permeates everything! If this has started happening to you, then you probably need your rangehood filter replaced or other repairs and...

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