Ducted Heating, Bendigo

Is there anything better than closing up all the doors and windows and enjoying the cosy feeling of warm air moving through every room? Most people who have experienced ducted heating simply couldn’t live without it! This type of system is often referred to as ‘central heating’ and Charltons is happy to keep Bendigo customers warm with the service, repair and maintenance of ducted gas heating systems.

There are a number of components that make up ducted heating systems, including the heating unit, ducts, fan, thermostat and more. Regular servicing will help keep these components working harmoniously together to keep your building warm. However, if your system requires repairs and maintenance, we have access to spare parts for most brands.

Ducted heating is one of the most effective heating systems as vents can be installed strategically throughout your home for maximum warmth in every room. Forget closing off a small section of your home where a wall heater is located to ‘keep the hot air in’ – central heating will warm every corner of your home, as long as you keep doors and windows leading outside closed.

While it sounds expensive, gas ducted heating is rather efficient due to its ability to maintain a stable temperature. Central heating units only work as hard as they need to to maintain a comfortable temperature. So there’s no switching them on and off and constantly adjusting the temperature. If you are finding that you need to turn the temperature up or down constantly, then it’s probably time to call Charltons for a service as your heater may not be operating efficiently.

We also provide reverse-cycle air-conditioners for Bendigo customers, another option for your home’s heating and cooling needs.