Rangehood Repairs & Maintenance, Bendigo

We think rangehoods are underestimated kitchen heroes. Most people don’t realise how much they rely on their kitchen rangehood until it stops working. You go to cook some meat or fish and the smell permeates everything! If this has started happening to you, then you probably need your rangehood filter replaced or other repairs and maintenance to get it working again.

Charltons provides kitchen appliance repairs and maintenance in Bendigo, offering swift service backed by access to an extensive range of spare parts. Rangehoods suck steam odours from cooking and either expel the vapour and smell outside or filter and recirculate into the room. Either way, they can make a big difference to air quality and your ability to cook comfortably standing over a stovetop.

We provide repairs and maintenance on all types of rangehoods, including ducted, recirculating, fixed and slide-out rangehoods. We can simply replace filters or replace parts where required. We’ll get your rangehood working again so you can enjoy cooking without peering through a plume of steam or having your clothes and upholstery smelling like last night’s dinner for a week!

As well as rangehood repairs, we specialise in electric oven and stovetop maintenance in Bendigo.