Check Your Heating Before Winter Hits

March 11, 2016

Don’t get caught out by the change of seasons and check your home reverse cycle or gas ducted heating systems today. While it is easy to be complacent with Bendigo’s long summer and temperatures remaining warm, it is now time to prepare for winter and cooler weather. Charltons Air Conditioning and Central Heating recommends having your heating system, whether its ducted heating or a reverse cycle, inspected and serviced in the next few months.

Winter in Bendigo can be bitter, and often seems like it comes from nowhere. It is easy to be caught of guard by that first cold snap. The last thing you want is a heater or heating system on the blink, or not working to capacity, when you need it. The first few cold days can be the most uncomfortable, don’t spend them shivering and waiting for a heating repairs specialist. Get in early, avoid the rush, and call Charltons Air Conditioning and Central Heating today.

Central gas ducted heating is an investment and an asset. The systems are designed to be convenient, reliable and to warm you, your family or business. But if you don’t keep your system routinely maintained, you are not maximising your investment and could be risking unnecessary repair costs down the track. Just like your car, servicing your ducted heating system will improve it’s operation and ensure it lives its expected life span.

At Charltons Air Conditioning and Central Heating we specialise in all things gas ducted heating in and around Bendigo. There is no better team to call on to service and maintain your system. We can come to you six days a week, offering expert servicing, maintenance and repairs. We are expecting a rush of ducted heating maintenance jobs in coming months and we encourage you to get in early and ensure your home or business is warm and ready for winter.